Our Service Offerings

We would like to inform you about our medical practice and give you an insight on the medical and diagnostic procedures offered by us.
Our continuously trained and qualified staff will gladly inform and supervise you.

Our business activities include:

1. Resting-ECG

2. Stress-ECG

This serves to clarify possible circulatory disturbances in the heart, the blood pressure response and the appearance of heart rhythm disturbance under strain, as well as the evaluation of reasonable strain on the cardiovascular system.

3. Ultrasound Diagnostic

a) Abdominal organs - Examination of the soft organs of the abdomen to determine structure, size
    and shape modification as well as other changes i.e. tumours.
b) Heart - Examination of the cardiac valve and the heart muscle function
c) Vessels - Examination of the blood vessels which provide the brain with blood, to exclude
   calcification, constriction and possible circulatory disorder (risk of stroke, dizziness)

4. Lung function testing

Clarification and determination of degree of asthma bronchial or chronicle obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as well as to differentiate between distresses by illness of heart or the lung.

5. 24-hours-blood pressure measurement

6. Endoscopic inspection

a) Gastro copy-Clarification of afflictions and abnormal change of the oesophagus. Stomach and
     duodenum (i.e. tumours, ulcers, heartburn)
b) Hind colostropy- Detection of inflammable or tumorous change in the hindgut.

7. Immunisation
a) Standard vaccinations like tetanus, diphtheria, polio, pertussis (whooping cough), flu
b) Travel vaccination

8. Preventive medical check-up
a) Health check (Examination of body, ultrasound of abdomen, if necessary stress-ECG, blood
b) Preventive medical cancer check-up in the man
d) Skin cancer screening

9. Laboratory examination (standard and special laboratory)

10. Insurance examination, Diving sport examination, boat and car license permission examination



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